What can we say? We absolutely love to travel – seeing different places, meeting amazing people and experiencing local cuisine are just some of the things that really get us excited. Now throw a wedding on top of all that and you have a combination that really gets us pumped!

Traveling amongst friends
It goes without saying that we love the couples we work with and when we travel together we can’t help but become part of the family. It’s hard to explain in words, but basically we get really excited about exploring new locations and it goes without saying we get a little camera happy. Just ask, we’d love to share some stories with you.

2017 travel schedule
Let us know if you’re going to be in any of these places at the same time as us! We’d love to meet up or schedule a shoot with you :)

January 21-24 // Tofino, BC
February 23-28 // Los Angeles, CA
March 14-18 // San Diego, CA
March 18-23 // Los Angeles, CA
June 5-9 // Palm Spring, CA
July 27-30 // Summerland, BC
August 16-22 // Tofino, BC
August 25-31 // Whistler, BC
September 16-20 // Los Angeles, CA
September 21-24 // Victoria, BC
September 29 – October 14 // Bali, Indonesia
October 20-24 // Tofino, BC
November 13-19 // Tofino, BC

Our 2018 travel schedule is still in the works, but here is what we have planned so far

February 2018 // Los Angeles, CA
March 23 – April 7, 2018 // Bali, Indonesia
May 2018 // Los Angeles, CA
June 8-10 // Galiano Island, BC
June 111-18 // Los Angeles, CA
June 28 – June 30 // Whistler, BC
July 1-3 // Victoria, BC
July 13-15 // Calgary, AB
August 3-5 // Pemberton, BC
August 2018 // Maui, HI
September 14-16 // Sorrento, BC

As you can see, we like California a lot 😉