Hey! We’re Cat and Jeff, we’re destination wedding photographers based in Vancouver, BC. We’ve been married since 2015 but have been shooting together since 2007. We’re big fans of sunny days, our kitten Watson, the great outdoors, Japanese food, beach days, great music, getting dressed up and having a night on the town and of course, lazy Sunday mornings 😉 

Having experienced what it’s like being at your own wedding we can tell you first hand what an incredible feeling it is to have your friends and family celebrate, support and party for the love that exists between two people. We are in this 100%. There to capture the important moments while leaving space for the unscripted as well. Authentic, genuine, artistic and the best version of you, that’s how we want you and your family to experience your photographs.


written by jeff

Cat is just about the sweetest person on earth. She’s a little shy at first but when she opens up there’s nothing but genuine kindness. She loves running through the trails in our neighbourhood, reading books on the patio, yoga, singing in the car and her favourite cocktail is a classic gin and tonic with extra lime.

It could be said that her favourite hobby is learning new things. I once saw her pick up a book called “Website Coding for Dummies,” read it and then actually make a website from scratch. Whatever part of her brain gives her that super power is also what makes her so special. Over the years I’ve seen her learn so many new skills, a lot of them in the creative arts. She taught herself, macramé, water colour painting, graphic design and most recently lino printing, which is basically making a rubber stamp by cutting a design out of rubber with the world’s tiniest knives.

She’s an incredible wedding photographer; so creative, artistic and yet so present and aware. An attribute I think is often lost or forgotten. The best photojournalistic photographers have a keen sense of everything going on around them. Being at the right place at the right time can only happen by luck once or twice a day, being there over and over again during a wedding day, that’s skill.

Cat has been my partner in both life and business for the better half of my life. She’s nurturing, kind hearted, patient, artistic, hard working and most of all, she loves me as much as I love her.


written by cat

If I had to choose one word to describe Jeff it would be sunshine. Not only from the sense that he is so positive, happy and funny. But also because he loves the sun – I swear he gets power from its rays!

He is an extrovert in the true sense of the word – he loves socializing, making people laugh, offering a helping hand and just generally being around people. If you’re looking for advice on what camera to buy, where to go on your next vacation, what EV to purchase, or where the best sushi is in town Jeff is your guy! He is so knowledgeable, and talks so passionately about the things he loves.

He absolutely loves a good cup of coffee, and takes the time to make himself a cup of pour-over in the morning (of course, don’t forget the afternoon Nespresso!). He is also a master cocktail maker, and while it might take him 20 minutes to make you something, it’s always worth the wait!

Travel is a huge part of his life. From experiencing the incredible waterfalls in Iceland, to exploring rice fields in Bali, to eating beef tartar in Paris, and even spending a few days in Disneyland – he just loves it all!

His approach to anything in life is always “10% or 100%” (with 100% usually winning!) – there is no middle ground. This carries forward into everything he does – from running our business, to supporting me in side hustles, and even something as simple as having friends over for dinner (ask about the prohibition cocktail evening he put together for two friends!). He is the most supportive person, and I am so lucky to know I always have him right beside me on this adventure of life.


and we laugh a lot

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If you’re considering sharing your wedding day with us, it seems only fair that we share ours with you. We opted for no audio voice-overs since we cringe a little when we hear our own voices, it’s not just us right?