Hi! We’re Jeff and Cat, and we’re so happy you’ve stumbled upon our little company of two. We’ve been photographing weddings together for the past twelve years and three years ago got married ourselves! We’re so lucky and honoured that our passion for photography has taken us all over the world, but the best part of it all has been making such genuine connections with the people we photograph.

It’s not our goal to make you look like a supermodel or take images that give you bragging rights. We want to make meaningful images and memories that are expressive, emotional and most of all real. We’re unbelievably excited that you’ve decided to check out our site and hope that you find a piece of who you are in these words and in our images.

If you’re considering sharing your wedding day with us, it seems only fair that we share ours with you.


written by jeff

Cat is just about the sweetest person on earth. She’s a little shy at first but when she opens up there’s nothing but genuine kindness. She loves to learn new things – anything from playing the guitar to website coding as new past times, go figure? She can’t stand hot drinks; coffee, nope, tea, nope, but soup, yes!? She likes being creative and taking on new challenges. She never says ‘no’ or ‘impossible’, she just googles it instead.

She’s also the most patient person I know, always calm and collected. Her photography has evolved over the years and has never been more beautiful. She likes to travel, with Japan and Hawaii on the top of her list. She likes to dress up from time to time but otherwise is most comfortable in her favourite broken in jeans, a t-shirt and a cardigan.

She loves to read, which is most evident in the fact that I constantly find her finishing books the same day she starts them. When it comes to our business, she’s the hardest working person I know. You might think working this hard would burn you out, but Cat finds a certain bliss from always being on the go. When it comes down to it, Cat’s your girl.



written by cat

Born and raised in Vancouver, Jeff is all about west coast. He loves hanging out at the beach and soaking in the sun with friends. He cannot function without his morning cup of coffee, but once he gets going, he works like crazy. Jeff is a night owl and will often work late into the night (and subsequently sleep late into the morning!).

He loves good food, and has introduced me to some amazing places to eat in Vancouver. He loves to travel, especially to Japan – they have great culture, amazing food, and the clothes always fit! He’s probably the only Asian person in Vancouver who speaks Taiwanese, but not Mandarin. 

He’s a wonderful uncle to his four nephews and two nieces. Sometimes he wishes I could actually read his mind. Whenever I am sad he always knows how to cheer me up – he has a great sense of humour. Once he gets talking, it’s hard for him to stop (good thing I am a great listener!). Dedicated to his work, Jeff is always looking for more things to do and ways to improve.



and we laugh a lot

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