Our black and white package includes four b&w presets and three AI masks. Including our original signature Apartment B&W preset.

$79 USD

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Original b&w:  A versatile black and white base that’s crisp and clean. This is the Original Apartment B&W preset and includes a subtle warming of the highlights. 

Muted b&w: A distinct grayscale B&W with plenty of detail in the shadows and mid-tones. Skin tones are softened and the overall aesthetic gives off a film look. 

Modern b&w: A subtle variation on Muted, Modern is characterized by deeper blacks, softer whites and healthy amount of grain that gives off an earthy textured feel. 

Moody b&w: It’s all drama with Moody. Deep shadows and crispy whites give this punchy preset film noir vibes while still being modern and clean. 

Subject Pop: Our favourite way to add a localized pop of exposure without blowing highlights. A light tint towards magenta will also warm up skin tones.

PLUS two additional AI masks: More Pop and Skin Smooth