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    Click here for a sample family photo list to get you started 🙂

    Please email your family photo list to (remember that the maximum number of people we are able to photograph in one group is 10-15 so we are unable to do a large group photo of everyone - we recommend putting people into smaller groups so they aren't so tiny in a photograph!)

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    No need to fill out the reception information if we aren't photographing it (for elopements)
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    Don't forget that we need to have dinner too 😉 Normally we would love to be seated at a guest table, but due to COVID and us attending so many weddings, we are trying to reduce our exposure risk. We'd love to sit in the main room if possible, but ask that we have our own table (or vendor table is fine too). Thank you!!

    Please let us know the last event you absolutely must have photographed - For example, the most popular chosen event is "open dance floor". If things are running late on your day, we will make sure we capture this event and any additional time required will be invoiced after the wedding. (additional coverage is $250/half hour)

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    Thanks you two! We can't wait to see you both on your big day!

    Love, Jeff + Cat